Thursday, January 22, 2009

Walk, Talk, Rhytym, Roam is out on Itunes as of 1/20/09

There's a catch though, a minor glitch perhaps. The title track, "W,T,R,R" was left off the initial itunes tracklist. We're working on the problem and anyone who might have already downloaded the record, we are making the title track available for download on our myspace page. Our apologies for the mix up.

In other news: the band is fininshing up demo sessions for the next record in our home studios here in Chicago. This one's going to be a party jam, jangle fest. Also, look out for some live dates in Chicago and Champaign in the near future. We plan to tour extensively this spring/summer or as soon as we get a new van.

much love people.


Blogger 520 said...

maybe to make it up to us, a U.S. tour is in order?

5:16 PM  

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